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The water park investment prospects | water park theme design and type (integrated version)
Category: Research
Date: 2018-03-29
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Author: 绿智游乐
In this paper, a comprehensive analysis of the water park investment prospects, Disneyland theme design and type of water, water park, equipment selection, first on the development of China's water park, with the industry status quo, own situation to make optimal water park investment scheme, finally in the water park theme design efforts, and talent shows itself in the fierce competition, to achieve lasting profit.


1、The development of China's Water Park
In China, the development of the water park has gone through three periods:90s - early twenty-first Century; 2005-2009; 2010 today.
From 90s to early twenty-first Century: the few water parks were mainly concentrated in the first tier cities of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.
2005-2009 years: the land area of the water park shows an upward trend, and the development is more optimistic.

2010, so far: paradise has been blooming all over the country. Most of the provinces and cities have their own water parks. Large-scale, novelty and excitement are the development characteristics of this water park. From the financial point of view, the water park that launched the market in the last few years, no matter where it is, will not be less than 40% of the profit margin.


2、Current situation and trend of water park market
With the emergence of the "water" theme park, almost every city's water parks are in a "overload" state every summer. This has attracted more investors to invest in water parks. 
2.1、Should the investment water park be planned and designed? What kind of water park equipment do you need to choose?
When planning and designing water parks, we should pay attention to site selection. We should know that the park is not bigger and better. Its size should be decided according to the local available passenger volume, consumption level and its own management team, so we must not arbitrarily imitate and invest blindly. The theme of the water park is the soul. Nowadays, the theme selection of many water parks in the market is from the perspective of self starting and investor's perspective, which is too much for novelty, rarity and uniqueness. The introduction of water park equipment is not consistent with the theme. This is not advisable. 
2.2、The choice of the theme of the water park
The choice of water park theme should be determined by market rather than by an expert or local resource. It is not easy to place local culture in water theme park. The reason is very simple, because it does not have the market radiant force, does not have the scale effect. Many local cultures cherish, are precious, but do not have market effects. The theme of the water park project must be selected with the market potential, the market hot, and the tourists' preference. In this way, in order to meet the market, the water park can continue to operate. In the purchase of water recreation facilities, the first program of preparation, and the water park equipment market, the so-called children belong to their children's pool, adults of some exciting rides more interested in, but also suitable for the family to play water park equipment. Then select the appropriate manufacturers to communicate. It is better to investigate the production base of the manufacturer, whether it has the qualification of production, how the response of the production of water park equipment on the market, and finally implement the purchase plan.
The water park is a large tourist site, which is one of the theme parks. Most recreational facilities are related to water, and there are various recreational facilities on the water, which belong to the recreational artificial tourist attractions.

The water park with water as the carrier, water recreation facilities and recreation facilities and have leisure space of creativity; utilization of water and enjoy the rest at the same time, the transfer function of the composite dynamic water adventure, with water as the center of the park; as the theme park to create a romantic dream, and want to experience the thrills, hot springs, SPA other facilities include at the same time, providing entertainment, help public health; at the same time to meet the various needs of everyone, family, rest and group meetings and activities and so on.


3、Investment advantage of water park
The current water park is basically the scene of "the sea of people" in the operation period. The construction cycle of a water park is usually 0.5 - 1.5years. In the case of normal operation, the cost can be recovered in the first one or two years and third years into the profit period. There are some very ideal water parks, which have begun to return and profit in first years. There is a direct relationship between the water park and its investment planning, which has been in a state of non return.  
3.2、Less investment, only 1/3 of land theme parks 
The investment cost of water park is about 1/3 of the general theme park (land park). On the contrary, the ticket is higher or the same level than the land park. It is a high yield project with more than 1 million tourists in the year.
Example: Guangzhou Changlong aquatic park: 1 million 800 thousand visitors in 2009, 1 million 900 thousand tourists in 2011, and about 2100000 people in 2013. It is reported that in 2009, Changlong water park income has reached 360 million yuan, pre tax profit of 210 million yuan, the yield of up to 58%. 3, to drive the local economic water park as a new theme park and integrate with other tourism resources can greatly bring the development of tourism in a region to a great degree, and so it is highly valued and supported by the government. 
The water park as the core of the project, can be combined with the comprehensive real hotels, shopping centres, high-grade residential areas such as real estate projects in the surrounding area to integrate the development of regional economy, driven by the activity of the surrounding area and increase its added value; at the same time, more than one million visitors a year in the high consumption group, not only the formation of a strong business platform, so developers see tremendous benefits, but also conducive to improve the local employment rate.
4、Development type of water park 
According to the activity space, the water park is divided into three types: indoor, outdoor and indoor and outdoor.
Outdoor water park has less investment cost than indoor type, but it has seasonal restrictions that can only be opened in summer. For example, Guangzhou Changlong aquatic park is open every year from 4 to October. Indoor water park investment costs are relatively high, and the height restrictions on individual water park equipment, but in Business Hours is relatively broad, such as Beijing "Water Cube" leisure park currently Asia's largest and most advanced indoor water theme park, can full year of operation. Indoor and outdoor composite type refers to the advantages of both indoor and outdoor types, and the water park that can be used all the year round. For example, Hot Spring Leisure City is an ecotype theme leisure water city, which integrates upscale business meetings, hot springs health health care and water carnival.


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