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China large water park equipment supplier
Category: Industry News
Date: 2019-08-19
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Author: 绿智游乐
China's large water park equipment supplier :

Most of the large water park equipment currently refers to the FRP water park equipment, and the specific point is the water slide. Water slides currently on the market (already already in the water park) are super big horn slides, octopus slides, sky-turning slides, giant bowl slides, storm valley slides and water dragon slides. Regarding the quality suppliers of large-scale water park equipment, it is necessary to mention that we often talk about old topics and discuss how to judge whether the water park equipment suppliers are of high quality. 


1. Qualified large water park equipment suppliers are prerequisites for judging high quality water park equipment suppliers.
As an excellent water park equipment supplier, at least the production qualification (ie: large-scale amusement facility manufacturing license) or the authorization of the water park equipment manufacturer, otherwise it is unqualified; the unqualified water park equipment supplier is not May become a quality supplier.
2. Strength is an important embodiment of large water park equipment suppliers.
At present, large-scale water park equipment is directly sold by manufacturers, and there is no mature authorized business model. Therefore, the current large-scale water park equipment supplier is actually a water park equipment manufacturer, and the strength of the inspection factory, in addition to the business license and related qualification certificates, the most important thing is to examine the production scale, development and project cases.
3. How word of mouth determines the development prospects and longevity of large water park equipment suppliers.
The set of large-scale water park equipment is basically one million or even several million. The cost of a large-scale project is tens of millions. The process is relatively complicated. Therefore, in addition to the contract to the two parties, for the investment, the large-scale water park equipment supply It is very important for the business to talk about integrity. This is directly related to the project schedule, management, acceptance and after-sales maintenance. When looking at the quality of a water park equipment supplier, it is very valuable to see the word of mouth, because this is a cooperation. The voice of the people. To put it another way, the service of large water park equipment suppliers with good reputation is generally good, and the development prospects are also very good. Here, we want to announce good news with the majority of water park investors: in China, the famous water park equipment manufacturer - the Lvzhi  amuse  first (currently only one) has realized the large water park equipment rental and installment payment! This effectively solves the shortage of investors' funds and difficulties in financing. Welcome investors with needs to consult and cooperate.



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